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BOOK (1) The Babysitter : Select Book

A young teenage girl is the sitter to a young boy and educates him into the joys of sex. Also not missing out by having both father and mother as well.

BOOK (2) The Cleaner : Select Book

What a young woman sees in her job as a cleaner and of the interaction she has with some of her clients of both sexes.

BOOK (3) A Star is Porn : Select Book

Reiterating The Cleaner and where she goes into becoming a film star in directing and taking an active part in the making of pornographic films.

BOOK (4) Sea View : Select Book

A continuous nightmare at a sea side hotel of multiple murders, rape and incest of the occupants and of their eventual downfall and destruction.

BOOK (5) The Horseshoe : Select Book

A deluxe private estate of eight houses and the sexual interaction of some males and females as well as a suicide and several deaths.

Book (6) The Hostel : Select Book

A joke starts a man onto the road of homosexuality, transvestism and male prostitution and the creation of a male brothel in London.

BOOK (7) Dear Diary : Select Book

A tale of three women going from lesbianism into male sex and of their agreement into the sharing of their husbands, set in the late 19th century.

BOOK (8) Francis : Select Book

A boy raised as a girl finds love with men. Joins the Merchant Navy and is later recruited as a British agent. Over a thousand pages of sex, love and war.

BOOK (9) Farrell and Lunar : Select Book

Farrell being of the love found by a British agent in danger of his life. Lunar is a space fantasy set after a holocaust that nearly destructs Earth.

BOOK (10) The School : Select Book

A school for sexual awareness where six men and six woman interact in all forms of sex with two of them falling in love and coping with the trauma.

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Book 1 - 10 (Page 1 of 9) : Next »

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